Find Your Tribe.

That's what the WANDERLUST Senior Photography Workshop is all about!

Too often, photographers attend large events and conferences and leave feeling diminished in their worth and unseen.  The perceived threat of competition leaves us feeling smaller.  Some photographers' illusion of stardom reminds us that our high school seniors aren't the only ones dealing with 'cliques'.

We need a place to be authentic while we grow our craft; a place where we needn't offer false bravado about our successes but where we can be truly celebrated for where we are and built-up to go where we dream of going.

There are many senior photography events, shoot-outs, and conferences that we can choose from so how do you know if the WANDERLUST Senior Photography Workshop is right for you?

  • Intimacy- Our workshop is run by a small team of industry professionals and our workshop is limited to no more than 12 photographers.
  • Cozy- Stay in a lodge-style environment where doing relationship in PJ's is completely okay.
  • Photo Shoots-  We will provide professionally styled senior models to assure that you get the kind of images that will boost your portfolio to the next level.
  • Unique Shooting Format-  Too often the larger events create a 'swarm' of photographers.  Our format offers one lead-shooter with a small team of 2-4 photographers where you can have coaching from the lead-shooter and every photographer gets individual time to shoot the models without competing with a sea of 'clicking'.
  • Relevant Topics- Experienced photographers will teach on relevant topics that you can implement in your senior photography business immediately.  
  • Be Seen & Heard-  Our casual teaching environment invites your interaction and input.  We want to hear from you because together we grow stronger.

Does this sound the place you want to be?  Does it feel like maybe you have found 'your people'?  If it does- please let me know so we can hold your space for the 2018 workshop.

2018 WANDERLUST Senior Photography Workshop

Location:  Colorado

When:  October 19-21st, 2018