Got Questions?

Why should I choose you?

Ultimately, finding a photographer that you 'vibe' with is the most essential thing... even if that photographer isn't me. I want that for you.  I offer you a genuine, beautiful portrait or wedding experience that will give you imagery you will look back on and be able to awaken the emotions of that day, for a lifetime.  I bring over 12 years of award-winning, international experience as a professional to the table along with solid reviews from previous clients, professional memberships & ongoing industry education that hold me accountable for the quality I deliver. I will give you my very best. I will help you relax and be yourself. If this sounds like a good fit...  I am anxious to create something amazing with you.


Do I get the digital files?

Every portrait session and wedding collection includes ownership of your digital files. My philosophy is that every client should have both digital files AND lovely wall art and/or albums to enjoy. For this reason, each of my sessions and weddings includes a print credit to apply toward your final purchase. When my clients spend the time and money to commission art of themselves and those they treasure, I believe those portraits should be displayed beautifully and in the highest quality possible.  There is nothing so powerful as a wall gallery in a home that is filled with the love and rich emotion of true relationship.

One of the saddest things is for beautiful images to be stuck in hard-drive purgatory and then lost in technology failure.  I cannot tell you how many tragic loss stories I have heard over the years. It's truly heartbreaking.  Digital storage is NOT safe storage for art or your life.  For this reason- I do not sell digital files apart from prints, wall art or albums. I agree, it's wonderful to have those images to showcase on your computer, holiday greetings and personal scrapbooks- which is why I always include digital files with your portrait collection purchase.


How do I order pictures after our session?

If you live in the Colorado front range- I will come to your home for your in-person order appointment to review your images together and place your print order. Sip a glass of wine or nurse of cup of tea and work with me to narrow down your favorites and see all of the awesome products my studio offers. Your order will be ready for delivery within 4 weeks of purchase!



Where will we photograph my session?

The majority of my clients come to me because they want to be photographed in the beauty of nature, so we choose a location based on your desires. If we are photographing intimate portraiture, we can photograph at several gorgeous private locations or at one of many gorgeous hotels or B&Bs.  We will work together to plan a session that provides you with beautiful portraiture, I promise.  


Will you post images to social media sites?

Yes indeed (IF that is what you want)! During or directly after your session, I will post an image or two on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  After your order appointment, I place a highlight of your favorite images onto Facebook.  I frequently add your images to my latest blog post, as well. I love showing off my amazing clients but I also respect your privacy, should you choose to keep your portraits personal!


Will you take payments if I want more than I have in my budget?

Of course. I offer simple, interest-free payment plans when requested.