Our lives are a continuous process of becoming.

We grow, stretch, and learn until what we once were changes shape and flies away.

It is the beauty found in the transformational moments of life that make my heart sing; the moments of metamorphosis, authenticity, and empowerment.

Photography is the thread that weaves through the whole of our lives and joins our story together, knitting our many seasons into one epic adventure.  When our journeys are complete, the photographs will remain and tell your story to the generations that follow you.

I consider it my great privilege to be invited into the fullest moments of people's lives and to to be entrusted with the gift of capturing the beauty of their unique journey.

My own story is one of abundance.  I share life with my true companion of the past 29 years and together we have created a beautiful family that continues to bloom and call forth my greatest inspiration.

When I'm not working in my Manitou Springs studio, you will find me on the trails with my Beloved and our pups or lazing on my back porch with a good book, my journal, and a glass of wine.  I believe in being fully awake and present in my own life because I know that is where I find the 'inspiritus' to create.

Please know I am grateful that you have taken time to visit my tiny corner of the world.

I wish you more love. More life.  More of everything that makes your heart sing.

Live Life Beautifully,